Yonatan is an Israeli filmmaker based between New York and Tel Aviv.

Most recently, he edited an avant-garde film production of Waiting for Godot 

starring Ethan Hawke, John Leguizamo, Wallace Shawn and Tarik Trotter (Black Thought) for the New Group Theatre's Off-Stage season.

In 2020, Yonatan served as Editor on Valley of Tears (HBO Max), a limited series war drama and Israel's biggest budget TV production to date.

Yonatan also edited and Associate Produced the feature film Incitement, directed by Yaron Zilberman (A Late Quartet ), which premiered at the

Toronto Int'l Film Festival, won the 2019 Israeli Academy Award for Best Picture and was Israel's submission for Best International Film at the 2020 Oscars. 

Both projects have earned Yonatan Israeli Academy Award nominations for Best Editing. 

Prior to that, Yonatan worked as Director of Development for Zilberman's company, Opening Night Productions.

In 2016, he made his theatrical directorial debut in New York with 'MARY V', 

a female-driven full length play (inspired by 'Henry V') which featured a cast of 25 actors and received nods from The New York Times, Playbill and more.

Yonatan is a graduate of NYU Tisch where he has focused on directing and writing for fiction film & television, and minored in Entertainment Business.

Throughout his studies, he has trained with the BBC in London, worked in development for Protozoa Pictures (Aronofsky), served as Assistant to Wes Anderson and crewed on multiple feature film & television sets internationally. 

He was also one of two directors chosen annually at Tisch to direct a full

half-hour TV pilot, Easel R. His second thesis project, LEECHER and later short Goodnight Eulogy (shot on 35mm), have completed the festival circuit and are available for viewing online.

Yonatan's debut film, the feature documentary My Grandma - Frau Masha 

(which he completed at age 14) was showcased in international festivals and sold for broadcast on Israeli National Television.